Greed & Fear


7-Apr-2020 One can short Page industries at CMP 16796 in spot with SL 17093 in spot. Trade accordingly in futures. A big shooting star on hourly and daily charts

safe option Traders

For safe option Traders Sell 1 lot each of 8000 PE and 8200 CE  of 9th April expiry at CMP 191, 122 respectively


short NIfty 9th April 8200 CE @ 140 levels, target 0


short nifty future at 8140, 8180 levels ( 1 lot each) SL 8225, targets will be updated later

Adani Ports

Buy Adaniports CMP 249, SL 241 , target 265.  Trade accordingly in futures


Havells 31-Mar-2020 10:17 AM Buy havells @ CMP 470 SL as 458  target 500 Havells 31-Mar-2020 Monthly this is the explanation through chart