Why Choose Us ?

We are a bunch of professional people who specialize in managing portfolios. Majority of the people trade on their own parallely with their professional work, which in effect impacts both your trades and efficiency at work. One should consider stock markets as a serious business where lack of a disciplined approach and regular monitoring, mostly results in a blunder. If you are actually serious about the wealth creation through markets, you must have a good portfolio manager who can save you from the Black Swan events like COVID19, which can erode 80% of your wealth build over a time horizon of 3-5 years.

This Is Why

The reason for giving us a chance to serve you are as follows:

Timely Updates

We at Greed and Fear constanly monitor the trades given and provide you real time updates to book profits or trail with SL as the need arises.

Pay only when you earn

Majority of the portofolio management sevices (PMS) or Mutual funds charge a fee for manging your portfolio whether you are profitable or not. We at Greed and Fear only charge when you earn. We charge a nominal 20% of the profits made by our clients, and not even a single penny if you don’t earn anything.


Customized/Tailor made strategies

Various inverstors have different investment objectives. For example the time horizon to invest and the risk apetite varies for every investor depending on their age, personal background, and percentage allocation of their wealth to the portfolio.
We build and manage every portofolio keeping in mind the strategy selected and timing of the investment.


Superior returns

We stand committed to outperforming the benchmark indices and majority of the Mutual funds and PMS available. Unlike Mutual funds, portfolio manager has the liberty to sit on cash during the Black Swan events like COVID19 where you wealth is perished at an exponential pace. A single black swan event can erode 80% of your wealth build over a time horizon of 3-5 years.


PMS manager is directly accoutable to the client who can seek any explanation regarding his portfolio.



As we have a separate account for every individual. One can easily look into the investment made in an individual’s account at any point of time. This is very contrary to the Mutual Funds, where theholdings are made available only once a month or quarter. Also, even if you see you mutual fund holdings, you can never figure as to how much of your capital has been deployed and how much you capital represent the profolio shown.